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  1. Abel Galleta
    01/19/2010 11:09 pm

    here’s some info that you may find interesting for the blog.
    It’s about the 7″ single by Diploide (for free download at: http://www.galletarecords.bandcamp.com ). Diploide is the band of Niño, producer of “Deep space night EP” –> http://www.pendriverec.com/release.php?lang=esp&relnum=Tnc9PQ
    Diploide is a spanish hip hop wonky bass band formed by Niño/producer & Garbanzo/mc-singer.
    Soon we’ll release a new ep for free download with new tracks, and a 7″ single (limited and numered edition) of Niño with 3 new tracks.
    Peace out!

    Abel Galleta

    In Diploide two minds converge, with different backgrounds and conflicting influences, but day by day and through the cut and thrust generated from friendship and sharing things, these become complementary and under every point of view essential in the creative process. El Niño, a producer / beat maker with a chameleonlike skin that doesn’t take sides (diploidesquely speaking) creates the sound basis full of dirty bass lines, fat keyboard sounds and various infected grooves where Garbanzo, like a pig in the mud, can roll over with his naïve protest song, his low class hedonism and his sing-a-long-I-do-it-my-
    fucking-way rap (with direct influences from the Spanish old school hip hop from Dni, Bzn and others). Prejudices deserve a warm finger salute from the first row, and glamour is a pincho de tortilla and a perfect glass of draft beer.
    From their Valladolid headquarters they want to pervert hip hop, wearing old new suits, unclassified and acting as players while enjoying the trip.

    Less than one year after the project was born, Diploide launched their first reference with a 7″ single 123 copies, limited and numbered edition.
    The Galleta edition consists of a fabric cover decorated with two badges, one with the title of the single, “I Love Diploide”, and the other with a logo/icon of the record label. The covers are custom made for the occasion and have been hand made by the label responsible, Abel Galleta, and his mother. The covers are available in 4 different colors: brown, forest green, anthracite grey and dark red. The single includes 3 tracks. On A Side: “Di di diploide” and “El Aburrimiento”, and on the B side “Ven Conmigo A Bailar”.

    Hand made manufacture of the fabric covers. See the making off at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySKfM8_OKjU

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